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Knowing The Uninvited Guests In Your Home!

Do you often find unexplained red itchy bumps on your face and arms after you wake up in the morning? It can be bed bugs, you know. These insects are among the oldest that have forever been crawling on the Earth’s surface. You can find them on the mattress, linens, clothes, and almost anywhere in the house once they have found their way in. The bloodsucking vermin are attracted by the carbon dioxide and body heat and come out at night to feed on your blood, very much like mosquitoes. But their bite marks are more in a straight line rather than random like a mosquito’s.

Recognizing them is easy

The discovery of the bed bugs in Singapore can be quite disturbing, but they don’t transmit any disease to humans. You will not develop any major skin reaction, either. But once discovered, take prompt action to get rid of them because they multiply fast and can almost take over the house in a matter of days. The females lay around 300 eggs, which hatch in 10 days. The tiny insects grow into adults in about eight weeks’ time. So, within two months a new army is ready to attack the house. The adults can be recognized pretty easily. Look for flat oval-shaped insects that in red or brown.

They spread fast

Bed bugs don’t get attracted to dirt so even their presence does not necessarily mean the house is unclean. They can be found almost anywhere but particularly in hotels and even hostels where outsiders are continuously visiting. The insects get transported via the luggage, clothing, and bedding. So they are spread by commuters and tourists unknowingly. The creatures don’t fly, but can crawl very quickly. Once they have invaded a property, it can be nearly two months before they are found out. Owing to the shape of their bodies they can squeeze in the smallest crevice and wait for night to come.

Take expert help to kill them

Getting rid of an infestation can be really difficult. It is best to take professional help because they will have specialized equipment and insecticide, rapid freeze system and other means of killing them. You can also do it yourself, but be prepared to work really hard. You will need to wash everything at high temperature and then dry them in a hot setting for 30 minutes to kill the insects. You may have to dispose of the mattress if it is heavily infested. To prevent their entry, it is best to stay away from old mattresses. A clean bedroom helps in spotting these insects quickly before taking measures to throw them out of your house. Thereafter, clean your beds, at least once before going to sleep, in order to prevent them from returning to your home!