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Professional Cleaning Tasks Handled By Cleaning Agencies

As we all know, an unclean and a dirty place makes a very bad impact on the people who happen to spot it, and leaves a lasting impression on the minds of people. We also know that the “First impression is the best impression”, and a clean and beautifully made space in your house or anywhere gives in lot of positive vibes, and makes the place a lot more inviting. So, we all should keep striving to clean up the messy places, be it your residence or Commercial place. Commercial spaces have to be all the more better in cleanliness as there is a lot of business which happens there, and clients and visitors keep visiting the place.
A cleaning Service is very important to keep the office space clean because the actual space is so huge that it cannot be handled by the in-house services, and requires professional and impeccable cleaning so that employees get a chance to focus and relax while they carry out their day-to-day tasks.
Tasks carried out by Professional Cleaning Agencies
There are various tasks carried out by professional cleaning service agencies to keep your office spaces dirt free and spic and span. A few of them are
• Cleaning of extended office spaces like corridors, balconies and foyers
• Cleaning of all fixtures like fans, lights, curtain rods, mirrors etc.
• Cleaning pantries and the cooking space
• Cleaning reception spaces and cubicles
• Cleaning of all tables, chairs and other furniture
• Cleaning the Washrooms, sanitizing the bathrooms
• Scrubbing and cleaning the floor and tiles
• Watering all indoor plants and outdoor plants
• Carpet and Mattress cleaning
• Clearing garbage from time to time
Tips to choose the best Professional Cleaning Service in Town
There are various ways in which you could check and hire the best professional cleaning agencies
• Check how long the cleaning agency has been into this domain
• Do they operate from only one city or have multiple locations from where they work
• Do they have a franchise model of operation
• Check their website, and verify from other companies whom they are serviced, about their feedback
• What time of cleaning equipment and chemicals they use for cleaning various spaces at your office
• When do they operate, whether it is during or after office hours?
• Do they offer different cleaning packages that you could choose from, or they offer one standard package
• What is the minimum period of contract that you can place, 3 months or 6 months?
• Cost of a contract and one cleaning package if taken
Once you have satisfactory answers for all your questions, the maintenance manager of the company can shortlist the agency, or even hire them for cleaning.